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Steel solutions
  • Copper alloy industry application solutions

    China’s copper and copper alloy classification, generally according to the color into four categories: 1,Red copper: refers to pure copper, mainly copper without oxygen, red copper, phosphorus deoxidized copper, silver copper; 2, brass: refers to copper and zinc based alloy, and can be subdivided into simple brass and complex brass, complex brass with the third group of name for lead brass, nickel brass, silicon brass; 3. Bronze: refers to copper-base alloys other than copper-nickel and copper-zinc alloys, mainly including tin bronze, aluminum bronze and special bronze (also known as high copper alloy); 4.,White copper: refers to copper-nickel alloy;

  • Application solution of wear metal element analysis in lubricating oil

    preface Oil is divided into three categories: lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, fuel oil.They play a very important role in equipment.For example, the lubricating oil is the “blood” of the engine, which plays multiple roles of lubrication, cooling, rust prevention, cleaning and sealing, etc., and the pollutants that contaminate the lubricating oil may block the oil filter and oil jet hole, making the oil pressure drop or even oil shortage.

  • Refractory industry application solutions

    Refractory material refers to inorganic non-metallic material whose refractory degree is higher than 1580℃.Refractoriness refers to the Celsius temperature at which the conical specimen of refractories resists high temperature without softening melt-down under no load.The concomitant appearance of refractory and high temperature technology originated from the middle Bronze Age.In the eastern han dynasty of China, clay refractory materials were used as kiln logs and saggers to burn porcelain.

  • Steel industry application solutions

    X fluorescence analyzer in the steel industry rapidly and accurately analysis: the sinter, pellets, blast furnace slag, slag, iron ore, iron essence pink, pig iron, limestone, dolomite, ferro silicon, silicon, silicon manganese, ferromanganese alloy aluminum barium calcium and various kinds of steel samples, such as the world 600 type X fluorescence analyzer is especially suitable for the use of iron and steel industry, it analyzes elements can range from Na to U all the elements, fast analysis speed, only in 100 seconds to analyze the content of each element of the sample, the iron and steel industry is ideal for quick analysis instrument.


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