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Jingpu, has been defining EDXRF standards for 34 year

Since 1984, Jingpu has been focusing on the development and manufacture of X-ray fluorescence analyzer. With the advancement of industrial globalization, the improvement of performance of the machinery products and the intellectualization of element analysis algorithm, Jingpu has been always devoting into leading the direction of development of EDXRF technology.

Covering from top to down irradiation system is more convenient for measuring irregular plating parts.

● Chromium coating:such as plastic products decorative in chromium plating

● Anticorrosive coatings: such as zinc coating on steel

● Coating on circuit board

● Coating on connectors and connection machines

● Analysis of electroplating bath solution

Multipurpose, not just for measurement f thickness

THICK900 series X-ray fluorescence analyzer is specially designed for high precision coating thickness measurement and material analysis of small structures. The series of devices are equipped with X-ray beams, which can form high intensity focused rays in a short time. In addition to coating analysis, it can be also equipped with full element analysis software and ROHS 2.0 analysis software to meet multi-purpose testing needs of customers.

Internal design

The height of measurable sample can reach up to 130mm.

Safety system

Safety grating prevents accidents and protects detectors to reduce any damage to device caused by false operation.

Shape design

Three-dimensional mobile test platform and X-ray radiation protection


Jingpu, Always being with you.

We are one

Today, our X-ray fluorescence analyzers are widely used in various industrial places, which can meet the expectations and needs of our customers for its high precision, reliability measurement result and simple operation of the machines. We are always focusing on knowing what the clients need and providing for what they want. We are able to provide customers with strategies and solutions based on professional test devices and advanced algorithms, and to provide personalized customization across various industrial places.


Jingpu THICK900 Series

Multi-purpose, Fast, Accurate, Portable, Affordable!

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