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The Elite-600 type X fluorescence analyzer is a sophisticated high-end energy dispersive X fluorescence analyzer of international advanced level launched by our company on the basis of its previous product experience and success. It adopts the latest achievements of excitation and detection technology, with high analysis accuracy, strong reliability, easy to use, and excellent analysis performance for the elements in the periodic table. Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis technology, the principle is that when the sample is exposed to X-ray radiation, the atoms of the elements contained in it will emit their own characteristic x-rays after being excited. The detector detects these characteristic x-rays, and the types of elements can be determined according to the measured energy information of spectral peaks. According to the intensity of spectral peak, the content of each element can be analyzed. The elite-600 X fluorescence analyzer is easy to operate: load the sample → select the application required → enter the relevant sample information → click the measurement → analysis is completed.

Technical Advantages:

1. Analyze all elements in the periodic table from sodium (Na) to uranium (U).

2. It can detect solid, liquid, pulp, compressed powder, loose powder, particle, filter, film and coating, fuse, etc. Sample weights range from a few milligrams to larger block samples.

3. Simple, fast and safe sample preparation, non-destructive, no need for sample dissolution, avoid errors caused by incomplete dissolution, and ensure the accuracy and reliability of analysis results.

4. Wide dynamic range of analysis and measurement, ranging from 10-6 to 100%.

5. The measurement time is short, and satisfactory results can be obtained within 60 seconds.

6. It has sample spin function to reduce the influence of sample surface roughness and streaks.

7. With the function of 6 position filter, high detection limit can be obtained for specific analytical elements.

8. High accuracy, good stability and low failure rate.

9. Multi-layer shielding protection, radiation safety and reliability.

10. Unique and advanced analysis methods, complete and powerful functions, accurate and highly reproducible data tracing, analysis results are stored in standard ACCESS database for easy networking with the system.

11. Suitable for various applications in all fields from research and development to process control, in accordance with relevant regulations.

12. Global online support: customizable professional plans and detailed remote diagnostic data. Help implement multi-lab standardization. With the help of the Internet, we provide fast, secure and reliable remote support services. Wherever you are in the world, we can quickly diagnose and troubleshoot problems.


Fine spectrum has always led China’s energy dispersive X fluorescence analyzer to the international advanced level of development.

Products are widely used in scientific research institutions, mines, environmental protection, metallurgy, nonferrous metals, steel, geology, cement, coal, glass, precious metals, petroleum, chemical,

Refractory materials, machinery manufacturing, food, medicine, food and other industries.

1. Multi-functional sample setting device

A. Sample tray: measuring device that can rotate automatically.

B. sample chamber environment: air, vacuum and helium are available.

2. X-ray tube excitation system

A. High voltage generator: determine the best excitation conditions suitable for specific applications and can analyze various elements in the periodic table.

X-ray stability: 0.2%/8 hours;

Voltage range: 0V to 50kV continuously adjustable;

Current range: 0mA to 1mA continuously adjustable.

B. X-ray generator: it is a bendable radiation-type X-ray tube with thin Be (beryllium) window, with low power, natural cooling and long life, and the anode material (Rh, Ag or Mo) is selected according to practical application.

C. Filter: up to 6 filters can be selected. Obtain high detection limits for specific analysis elements.

3. International leading SDD X-ray detection system

The spectrometer adopts the latest achievements in the field of silicon drift detector technology. The resolution of X-ray for Mn 5.89keV is 127eV when the counting rate is 2000CPS. It has extremely high sensitivity and resolution to Na, Mg, Al, Si, S and other light elements, and can better separate the analytical spectral lines in the spectrum.

4. Advanced imported energy spectrum instrumentation system

Original imported amplifier and other signal processors: adapt to high resolution, high count rate, with international advanced level;

Automatically adjust the amplification factor, 048 ADC output. Original

imported amplifier and other signal processors: adapt to high

resolution, high count rate, with international advanced level;

Automatically adjust the amplification factor, 2048 ADC output.

5. Computer analysis system

A. brand-name computers.

B. High resolution color LCD.

C. advanced printers.

6. System software

A. Operation: WINDOWS operating system software, powerful and easy to use.

B. Functions: display of energy spectrum, setting of analytical elements, energy scale, automatic control of high voltage and current of X-ray tube, automatic rotation control of samples, automatic vacuum control, communication with other computers, storage of standard database results.

C. Analysis methods: linear fitting, quadratic curve, strength correction, content correction, theoretical alpha coefficient method, basic parameter method, etc.

D. Automatic correction of instrument drift: ensure long-term stability of instrument analysis results.

7. The power supply

220V 50HZ ac.

8. Instrument size and weight

External dimensions of main engine :(W*D*H) 600*700*1170mm.

Weight: 65 kg.

ELITE-600 X fluorescence analyzer


Ospectrum ELITE-600 X fluorescence analyzer

Analysis of high precision, strong reliability, easy to use

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