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Steel industry application solutions

X fluorescence analyzer in the steel industry rapidly and accurately analysis: the sinter, pellets, blast furnace slag, slag, iron ore, iron essence pink, pig iron, limestone, dolomite, ferro silicon, silicon, silicon manganese, ferromanganese alloy aluminum barium calcium and various kinds of steel samples, such as the world 600 type X fluorescence analyzer is especially suitable for the use of iron and steel industry, it analyzes elements can range from Na to U all the elements, fast analysis speed, only in 100 seconds to analyze the content of each element of the sample, the iron and steel industry is ideal for quick analysis instrument.


The ELITE 600 X fluorescence analyzer has the following unique advantages:
  • Meanwhile, all elements in the periodic table from sodium (Na) to uranium (U) are analyzed.

    It can detect solid, liquid and powder without complicated sample preparation process.

    Wide dynamic range of analysis and measurement, ranging from 10-6 to 100%;

    Using the SDD detector imported from the original package, it has the characteristics of high resolution and high counting rate, and the measurement time is short, and satisfactory results can be obtained within 1 minute.

    Adopting the original import signal processing circuit, the processing speed is fast, the precision is high, the stability is reliable;

    The X-ray tube is excited by positive and high pressure, and the excitation and test conditions are controlled and displayed digitally by computer software.

    The detector does not need liquid nitrogen protection and can be easily applied in various areas.

    Advanced automatic vacuum control and digital vacuum detection display, high degree of automation;

    It has the function of sample spin, which can reduce the influence of sample surface roughness and streaks, and can be applied to various metal analysis industries.

    The advanced instrument drift automatically corrects to ensure the long-term stability of the instrument;

    High accuracy, good stability, low failure rate;

    Adopt multi-layer shielding protection, radiation safety and reliability;

    WINDOWS XP Chinese application software, unique and advanced analysis method, complete and powerful functions, simple operation, easy to use, analysis results stored in standard ACCESS database, easy to network with the batching system;


Main technical indicators:
  • Multifunctional sample setting device

The sample setting device of the ELITE 600 type X fluorescence analyzer has a sample chamber which can accommodate all kinds of samples being tested.

A. Sample type: solid, liquid, powder, coating;

B. Sample tray: measuring device that can rotate automatically;

C. Sample chamber environment: optional air, vacuum, helium.Automatic control by software, no manual operation.

  • X-ray tube excitation system

The excitation system adopts unique inverted right Angle optical structure design.Taking the 50KV positive and high voltage X-ray generator as the excitation source, the primary X-ray generated from the X-ray tube is directly excited after passing through the filter, and the best analysis results can be obtained by selecting the excitation conditions.It consists of high voltage generator, X-ray generator and digital control display system.

High voltage generator: automatic digital control and display of voltage and current by software.

X-ray stability: 0.2%/8 hours;

Voltage range: 0V to 50kV continuously adjustable;

Current range: 0mA to 1mA continuously adjustable.

 X-ray generator: adopt the bending-radiation type, low power, natural cooling, high life X-ray tube with a thickness of 125 microns of Be (beryllium) window, and select the target material according to the practical application needs.The selected target materials are Rh (rhodium target), Ag (silver target), Mo (molybdenum target), Ti (titanium target), etc.It has high excitation efficiency for light elements such as Na, Mg, Al, Si and S.

  • Leading SDD X-ray detection system

SDD electrical refrigeration high resolution high count rate detector: Be (beryllium window) thickness of 7.5 micron.The X-ray of 55Fe 5.9keV had a resolution of 127eV at a count rate of 1000CPS.It has high sensitivity and resolution to Na, Mg, Al, Si and S.

  • Advanced imported energy spectrum instrumentation system

Original imported amplifier and other signal processors: adapt to high resolution, high count rate, with advanced technology level;Automatically adjust the amplification factor, 2048 ADC output.

  • Computer analysis system

A. High-end brand-name computers

B. 17-inch high-resolution color LCD;

C.h. advanced laser printers.

  • system software

A. Operation: WINDOS XP operating system software, powerful and easy to use;

B. Functions: display of energy spectrum, setting of analytical elements, energy scale, automatic control of high voltage and current of X-ray tube, automatic rotation control of samples, automatic vacuum control, communication with other computers, storage of standard database results;

C. Analysis methods: linear fitting, quadratic curve, strength correction, content correction, basic parameter method;

D. Automatic correction of instrument drift: ensure long-term stability of instrument analysis results.

Examples of steel industry applications
  1. sinter

Sinter samples are common analysis samples of iron works and sintering plants, among which TFe, SiO2, CaO, MgO, Al2O3, MnO, TiO2, P, S, K, V2O5 and other elements can be accurately analyzed by X fluorescence analyzer.Sinter samples are generally measured by direct tablet, and the fineness is required to be less than 180 mesh.


Measurement spectra of typical sinter samples:


Working curve of sinter:


Analysis and comparison results of sinter production samples:

Sample numberAnalysis methodTFeSiO2CaOMgOAl2O3
29/10 6#Fluorescence analysis55.085.7811.883.101.50
Chemical analysis54.835.6911.972.921.55
29/10 5#Fluorescence analysis55.235.8711.462.851.51
Chemical analysis55.516.0711.272.931.56
30/10 3#Fluorescence analysis54.935.9811.913.071.45
Chemical analysis55.095.8911.663.151.54
30/10 3#Fluorescence analysis54.935.9812.013.131.56
Chemical analysis55.126.0111.843.091.49
31/10 5#Fluorescence analysis55.385.8211.853.411.43
Chemical analysis55.335.7011.703.371.42
2/119#Fluorescence analysis54.146.0112.713.361.64
Chemical analysis54.345.9212.903.191.60


  1. pellets

Pellet samples are common analysis samples of iron works and pelletizing plants, among which TFe, SiO2, CaO, MgO, Al2O3, MnO, TiO2, P, S, K, V2O5 and other elements can be accurately analyzed by X fluorescence analyzer.The sample is usually measured by direct tablet, and the fineness is less than 180 mesh.

Measurement spectrum of pellets:


Analysis and comparison results of pellet production samples:

Sample numberAnalysis methodTFeSiO2CaOMgO
31/10 1#3#Fluorescence analysis63.846.540.680.94
Chemical analysis63.826.700.810.96
31/10 2#4#Fluorescence analysis63.436.530.730.98
Chemical analysis63.526.620.810.96
31/10 1#5#Fluorescence analysis63.516.680.520.98
Chemical analysis63.326.870.591.02
31/10 2#5#Fluorescence analysis63.806.520.430.86
Chemical analysis63.826.570.570.88
1/1 1#3#Fluorescence analysis62.056.541.171.32
Chemical analysis62.186.591.181.20
1/11 2#3#Fluorescence analysis62.886.210.860.95
Chemical analysis63.026.210.980.99


  1. Blast furnace slag/converter slag

Blast furnace slag sample is a common analysis sample of iron works, converter slag is a common analysis sample of steel works, the X fluorescence analyzer can accurately analyze: SiO2, CaO, MgO, Al2O3, Tfe, MnO, TiO2, P, S, K, V2O5 and other elements.The sample is usually measured by direct tablet, and the fineness is less than 180 mesh.

Measurement spectrum of blast furnace slag:


The working curve of calcium in blast furnace slag


Analysis and comparison results of blast furnace slag production samples:

Sample numberAnalysis methodSiO2CaOMgOAl2O3
31/10 A5363Fluorescence analysis33.0539.7311.1512.68
Chemical analysis32.7640.0711.1512.39
31/10 A5304Fluorescence analysis33.5840.0911.8312.57
Chemical analysis33.9640.3111.7112.39
31/10 C4004Fluorescence analysis33.3539.0711.6113.01
Chemical analysis33.4438.9311.8313.05
31/10 D733Fluorescence analysis34.1239.2112.4412.67
Chemical analysis33.8438.9312.2812.45
1/11 A5387Fluorescence analysis35.4339.7310.5612.12
Chemical analysis35.3339.9010.3212.15
1/11 B5322Fluorescence analysis35.1339.1511.1012.99
Chemical analysis35.1038.9310.8912.65


Analysis and comparison results of converter slag production samples:

Sample numberAnalysis methodSiO2CaOMgO
z19Fluorescence analysis15.0239.9614.11
Chemical analysis14.8540.2213.86
z17Fluorescence analysis13.9646.879.81
Chemical analysis13.7946.6610.02
z15Fluorescence analysis13.2040.7813.24
Chemical analysis13.2340.5013.51
z13Fluorescence analysis14.2642.1312.10
Chemical analysis14.4942.0012.25
z10Fluorescence analysis12.9541.9312.23
Chemical analysis12.8141.9012.14


  1. Pig iron

Pig iron samples are common samples for analysis in iron works, and the X fluorescence analyzer can accurately analyze such elements as Si, Mn, P, S, Ti, Cr, V and so on.The sample is required to be moulded, cut and polished with sand strip after pouring the sample, and sand paper is polished with 80 mesh. The surface of the sample is required to be free of pores. After polishing, it is required to be cleaned with alcohol cotton.The measurement requires the instrument to be set to spin state, while measuring the sample spin.When measuring, it is required to adopt double conditions. No filter is required to measure Si, Mn, P and S under the condition of 1#, and iron filter is required to measure Ti, V, Cr and other elements under the condition of 2#.


Analysis spectra of typical pig iron samples:


Analysis and comparison results of pig iron production samples:

Sample numberAnalysis methodSiMnPSTi
1#Fluorescence analysis0.470.2000.1160.0240.125
Chemical analysis0.450.2050.1190.0220.107
2#Fluorescence analysis0.710.2100.1190.0260.098
Chemical analysis0.680.2030.1120.0250.099
3#Fluorescence analysis0.690.2100.1140.0250.105
Chemical analysis0.710.2110.1150.0270.110
4#Fluorescence analysis0.560.1700.1150.0280.120
Chemical analysis0.600.1770.1120.0300.116
5#Fluorescence analysis0.570.2200.1170.0160.132
Chemical analysis0.540.2250.1190.0180.123
6#Fluorescence analysis0.720.2100.1170.0230.096
Chemical analysis0.720.2080.1140.0210.102


  1. Iron powder/iron ore (frit method)

Iron powder and iron ore samples are common samples for raw material analysis of steel works. The X fluorescence analyzer can accurately analyze TFe, SiO2, CaO, MgO, Al2O3, MnO, TiO2, P, S, K, V2O5 and other elements.Iron powder/iron ore using the standard method of melting, melting needs to add cobalt oxide as internal standard element, solvent using composite lithium tetraborate material.


Analysis spectrum of typical iron powder samples:


Analysis and comparison results of iron fine powder samples:

sample nameAnalysis methodTFeSiO2CaOAl2O3TiO2
1#Fluorescence analysis66.134.980.170.230.034
Chemical analysis66.184.790.180.220.032
2#Fluorescence analysis64.359.590.951.560.078
Chemical analysis64.589.820.881.450.067
3#Fluorescence analysis61.897.171.180.780.120
Chemical analysis61.737.011.160.700.110
4#Fluorescence analysis66.375.020.870.450.140
Chemical analysis66.134.930.940.530.134
5#Fluorescence analysis63.253.280.560.980.059
Chemical analysis63.423.380.641.020.065
6#Fluorescence analysis66.443.680.230.680.098
Chemical analysis66.253.640.210.640.093
7#Fluorescence analysis65.966.880.981.020.067
Chemical analysis66.086.941.021.130.069
8#Fluorescence analysis60.627.900.120.390.043
Chemical analysis60.697.790.080.450.048



Working curve of Fe in iron ore:



The analysis results of actual iron ore samples on site are as follows:

sample nameAnalysis methodTFeSiO2PSTiO2
W07218 X fluorescence66.
Study65.752.850.050.02 0.29
2513A X fluorescence15.4863.160.190.02 0.65
Study15.7062.970.200.04 0.61
2514A X fluorescence30.8139.260.610.03 0.29
Study30.6039.540.540.02 0.28
2357A X fluorescence51.873.340.980.140.26
2516A X fluorescence19.9853.690.340.060.78
Study20.1053.420.340.09 0.81
2431A X fluorescence36.1030.670.041.240.10
2301A X fluorescence61.764.
bh0102 X fluorescence65.427.890.01 0.120.12
Study65.288.100.02 0.080.15
bh0104 X fluorescence62.794.600.162.511.20
Study62.554.71 0.122.60 1.12
w07225 X fluorescence27.2625.590.100.889.96


  1. Limestone

The limestone samples are mainly analyzed for CaO, SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3 and other elements. The samples are pressed directly with a fineness less than 180 mesh.

Measurement spectra of limestone samples:


Comparison results of limestone samples:

sample namemethodsCaOMgOAl2O3SiO2Fe2O3




  1. dolomite

Dolomite samples are mainly analyzed for CaO, MgO, Al2O3, SiO2, Fe2O3 and other elements. Direct powder compression tablets can be used, and the fineness is required to be less than 180 mesh.

Dolomite measurement spectrum:


Comparison results of typical samples are as follows:

sample namemethodsCaOMgOAl2O3SiO2Fe2O3MnOSK2ONa2O




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