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Job description:

1.Develop and identify customers, establish and strengthen customer relationship.

2.Responsible for timely and complete recovery of customer payment.

3.Visit key customers frequently and provide solutions, instrument feature demonstrations and training.

4.Complete the sales plan for the region.

5.Constantly develop new customers.

6.Collect and understand market status information.

7.Maintain and update customer and contact database and marketing materials.

8.Participate in product related technical exhibitions and market related activities, and demonstrate the company’s products and services.

Job requirements:

1.College degree or above, major in chemistry, chemical engineering, food engineering, petroleum, material science, biological engineering, etc.

2Working experience in biological science instrument, comprehensive environment, chemical analysis, material science, use, sales or technical support of laboratory general equipment and instrument is preferred. Working experience in petrochemical industry is preferred.

3.Outgoing, cheerful, lively, positive and motivated;Dedicated, loyal and reliable.

4.Good interpersonal skills, good communication skills and team work spirit.

5.Love sales work, and have the quality of sales, that is, love the challenge, full of passion, diligence, hard work.


Job description:

1.Responsible for sales target execution

According to regional sales annual, quarterly and monthly sales targets, ensure to complete sales tasks on time;Analyze and feedback the achievement of sales target in the region, summarize and analyze in time;

2.Market development

To organize and implement the regional market development plan and specific implementation plan, including exhibition, academic conference, poster Posting, market research information collection, etc., to promote the promotion of the company and product brand;Actively promote the market development of products;Constantly develop new customer demand and product application field, achieve the company’s brand market share of continuous improvement;Regularly collect market information, understand competitors’ situation, timely summarize and feedback;

3、Recovery of sales proceeds

Accurately judge customer credit conditions, and strive for favorable payment terms for the company;Ensure the timely recovery of sales payment, timely tracking of uncollected funds;

4、Customer relationship management and maintenance

Deal with customer consultation information timely, ensure to provide professional and effective sales service for customers;Timely follow up customer project status, and strive to achieve customer purchase intention;Maintain good relationship with old customers, dig into new needs, and facilitate the realization of a New Deal;Good CRM system entry and maintenance.

5、After-sales service

Assist after-sales department to do the instrument installation and debugging work;Assist after sales department in instrument maintenance, keep good communication with customers;Visit customers in time to establish good customer satisfaction;

6、Cooperate with company sales management.

Attend meetings and trainings organized by the company on time;Write weekly report, work summary and business trip summary in time;

7、Complete other tasks assigned by superior.

Job requirements:

1、College degree or above, major in biology, pharmacy, chemical engineering, environment, petrochemical or related fields is preferred;

2、Have more than two years experience in import instrument sales, and have good sales performance;

3、Experience in instrument bidding, familiar with purchasing process of university, enterprise and government;

4、Strong market development ability and good customer service awareness;

5、Stable personality, good at communication, with certain business negotiation experience;

6、Strong learning ability, quick response, good problem solving ability and teamwork spirit;

7、Full of passion, have a strong sense of responsibility, have the courage to face up to work pressure, challenge myself ;

8、Love laboratory equipment industry, have a very strong desire to sell!


Job specification:

1.Lively personality, strong affinity. Can understand the importance of telemarketing.

2.Sweet voice, good at communication.

3.Responsible for updating and improving customer information, and timely follow up customer progress.

4.Articulate, fluent mandarin, infectious pronunciation;

5.High enthusiasm for sales work;

6.Strong learning ability and excellent communication skills;

7.Tough character, quick thinking, good adaptability and pressure bearing ability;

8.A keen market insight, a strong sense of professionalism, responsibility and positive work attitude.

      Shanghai Jingpu High Technology is based in Jiading District, Shanghai and founded in 2001. We have many years of experience in the field of XRF energy spectrum analysis in China. We have a specialized field, strong technical precipitation, many core technologies and a good reputation for providing excellent customer service. We are a qualified high-tech enterprise combined with independent research and innovation, production and sales.

     We have a business management office, research and innovation department, production and manufacturing department, marketing department, customer service department, quality control department, acquisition and supplies department, and etc. More than 90% in our team are of college graduates. Our team includes many core experts working in the field of x-ray fluorescence analyzer in the country for thirty years and an expert team of X-ray fluorescence analyzer and industrial quality process control system. We have been engaged in the research of nuclear physics, nuclear electronics, automatic control, application of XRF key industries, computer hardware and amendment, and data model of energy spectrum analysis for many years.

In response to the company’s development needs, we are looking for the following talents —— The world is so big, if you don’t come, who knows you are awesome?

If you are interested in our company, please contact us

resume can be sent to ( Please indicate position and salary requirement.)

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