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Jingpu Hand-held Spectrometer

Fast. Accurate. Easy to use.

Three models, three configurations, to meet all kinds of testing demands.

Loaded with the brand new FP intelligent algorithms

Experience amazing accuracy.

Load a new intelligent FP algorithm

Experience different accurate!

Load a new intelligent FP algorithm Experience different accurate!

Since 1984, Jingpu has been focusing on the development and manufacture of X-ray fluorescence analyzer. With the advancement of industrial globalization, the improvement of performance of the machinery products and the intellectualization of element analysis algorithm, Jingpu has been always devoting into leading the direction of development of EDXRF technology.

Metal Manufacture and Machinery Producing Enterprises

The assessing of finished products and determining of materials are an important method to ensure the quality of products. The hand-held spectrometer uses advanced mathematical algorithms, which can quickly and accurately detect and element and composition of metal samples.

Recycling of Waste Metals

The samples can be analyzed in 2-5 second and alloy grade can be tested and shown directly. Users can customize 1000 kinds of alloys, and thousands of alloys can be tested and analyzed.

Aluminum front and top of the instrument

Two poles heat dissipation, stabilizing the temperature inside the cavity, satisfying a workable temperature in the light tube of 55 degrees.


Sanyo battery cell with multi-stage connection

Display screen

Continuous working up to 8-12 hours

Data Port

Easy remote maintenance, software upgrade

Instrument handle

Ergonomic design, body weight balanced distribution, center of gravity maintained at the handle

Boot Key

8-1.2 million times button resilience test

MX Panorama

Jingpu MX, the new smart XRF.

Its smarter.

Jingpu technology independently designs a new generation of intelligent FP algorithm for MX handheld spectrometer, which can be used for alloy, soil, mineral and oil products, detection, intelligent identification of samples, intelligent detection of all elements in the sample or alloy brand.


Jingpu handheld spectrometer MX

Fast, Accurate, Portable and Affordable!

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