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Jingpu Desktop spectrometer


Three models, three configurations, meet all kinds of testing

New desktop spectrometers are on the market

Experience different accurate!

Jingpu, which has been defining the standards of EDXRF for 34 years

EDX-6800 series X-ray fluorescence analyzer fully meets the requirements of RoHS/WEEE management and control, and meets the technical requirements and specifications stipulated by IEC62321 and China Environmental Protection Standards.

Metal manufacturing and mechanical processing enterprises

The detection of finished products and the determination of incoming materials is an important method to ensure the quality of products.

Recycle of Waste Metals

Jingpu desktop spectrometer can quickly distinguish all kinds of elements to assist users determining the price and value of materials. Jingpu desktop spectrometer integrates Chinese GB brand library to assist users accurately detect materials.

Instrument Safety Protection Certificate

X-ray radiation protection

Testing platform

The three-dimensional mobile testing platform can be retracted into the sample platform, and the sample testing is fast and convenient.

Measurement of sample height

The highest detectable sample is 130mm

Safety grating

Preventing accidents while protecting detectors at the same time to reduce damage to machine caused by false operation

Platform height adjustment mode

Sample platform can be adjusted automatically and manually


A New Generation of Intelligence EDX-6800

EDX-6800 series X-ray fluorescence analyzer is a high performance instrument specially developed for industrial analysis. The desire of lows cost, simple, raid and accurate testing analysis of chemical elements such as AI, Si, P, S, Mg and other elements can be achieved.


Jingpu Desktop spectrometerEDX-6800

Fast, Accurate, Portable And Affordable!

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