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Thick-900 X fluorescence coating thickness gauge is Shanghai fine spectrometer’s multi-year experience, specially developed for the coating industry an instrument, can be fully automatic software operation, can be multi-point testing, software control instrument test point, and mobile platform.Is a powerful instrument, with special software developed for it, in electroplating thickness measurement is a great display.

Thick-900 X – fluorescence coating thickness meter is a physical analysis method.When the sample is irradiated by X rays, the atoms of the elements containing the coating or the base material are excited and will emit their own characteristic X rays. Different elements have different characteristic X rays.The detector detects these characteristic x-rays and converts their optical signals into analog electrical signals.The analog signal is converted to digital signal by the analog digital converter and sent to the computer for processing.According to the spectrum peak information obtained by the special application software of computer, the types of elements contained in the tested coating sample and the coating thickness of each element are determined by data processing.

It can detect common metal coating thickness without sample pretreatment.The analysis time is short, only for tens of seconds, can analyze the thickness of each metal coating;The analysis and measurement dynamic range is wide, from 0.005 micron to 60 micron.

Our company focus on the domestic outstanding X fluorescence analysis, electronic technology industry such as technology research and development experts and the production technical personnel, advanced scientific research, summing up the experience of many years of field application, combined with Chinese characteristics, development and production of the Thick – 900 type X fluorescence coating thickness gauge has the advantages of rapid, accurate, simple and practical, widely used in coating thickness measurement, the electric plating solution concentration measurement.


Instrument features:

The appearance of the instrument adopts unique streamline design, which is fashionable and elegant.

2. Meanwhile, the periodic table of elements was analyzed from sulfur (S) to uranium (U).

3, can analyze up to 5 layers of coating, can analyze up to 24 elements at a time.

4. No need for complicated sample pretreatment and nondestructive testing.

5. Detection limit can reach 2ppm.

6. Wide dynamic range of analysis and measurement, from 0.005 micron to 60 micron.

7. Adopt American original and advanced detector with high energy resolution.

8. Adopt American original and advanced AMP, with fast processing speed, high precision and stable reliability.

9. The X-ray tube adopts positive and high voltage excitation, and the excitation and test conditions are digitally controlled and displayed by computer software.

10. Adopt color camera to observe and shoot samples accurately.

11. The sample platform controlled by electric non-pole can move x-y-z accurately and conveniently.

12. Double laser focusing system is adopted to accurately locate and measure the position.

13. Altitude sensor.

14. Protect the sensor and effectively protect the detector.

15. High accuracy, good stability and low failure rate.

Radiation safety system: concealed design, multi-layer shielding protection of software and hardware, radiation safety and reliability.WINDOWS XP Chinese application software, unique advanced analysis methods, complete and powerful functions, simple operation, easy to use.


Technical characteristics of the instrument:

1.X-y-z sample platform mobile device

The x-y-z sample platform of thick-900 type X fluorescence coating thickness gauge adopts electric mobile device, and has a large sample room that can accommodate various shapes of coating samples and plating liquid samples.Easy to use.

2. X-ray tube excitation system

The excitation system adopts a unique right-angle optical structure design.High voltage generator: automatic digital control and display of voltage and current by software.Maximum power: 50 W.Voltage 0-50 KV, current 0-1000ua.8 hours stability ≤0.05%.High efficiency long life X-ray tube: adopt low power, natural cooling, high life, advanced level X-ray tube, the index reaches the advanced technical level.Rated power: 50W, pipe pressure: 5-50kv;Tube current 0-1000uA.

3.High resolution detector system

Imported original electric refrigeration detector, good energy linearity, energy resolution and energy spectrum characteristics, high peak-to-back ratio.The resolution is 149eV±5ev.

4.Energy spectrum electrical instrumentation system

Original imported preamplifier and amplifier signal processor: integrated electronic circuit with high counting rate and high anti-interference ability.The analog-to-digital converter USES 2048 channels with high precision.

5.Computer analysis system

Advanced brand-name computers;High resolution color LCD.

Advanced laser printers.

6.The system software

Leading XRF analysis software, including the integration of empirical coefficient method, basic parameter method (FP method), theoretical alpha coefficient method and other classical analysis methods, comprehensive guarantee: single, double, multilayer, alloy coating test data accuracy.

7.The power supply

AC 220V ~ 240V, 50Hz.

Rated power: 350W.High precision parameter voltage regulator power supply is selected.

8.Instrument size and weight

Sample cavity size: 498*360*158 mm (W*D*H)

External dimension of host: 580*500*580 mm (W*D*H)

Weight: about 50KG.

V. application:

Plastic industrial plating, electronic materials, plating (connectors, semiconductor, circuit boards, capacitors, etc.), steel material coating (iron, cast iron, stainless steel, low alloy, surface treatment of steel plate, etc.) and non-ferrous metal materials coating (copper alloy, aluminum alloy, lead alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, precious metals, etc.) and various other coating thickness measurement and composition analysis.

It is common in industry to measure the thickness of gold plated on iron, copper and other materials by single plating thickness measurement on copper. Using thick-900 type X fluorescence coating thickness meter, very good results can be obtained.

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