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Stainless steel application solution

Instrument introduction:

Mx-1 X fluorescence hand-held metal analyzer is designed by our company for reliability identification of metal materials and rapid identification of alloy brands.With small size, light weight, easy to carry, handheld, no need to make samples, alignment and measurement, high precision, detection speed, cost-effective characteristics.It is widely used in the analysis of all kinds of alloy samples, metal grade detection and rapid analysis of metal minerals.

一.The instrument features:

1.Measuring element range: the element between titanium (Ti) and uranium (U) is analyzed simultaneously.
2.Sample morphology: solid, detrital and other types of alloy objects.
3. It is convenient and fast to directly test the original sample without precise sample preparation.
4.Test samples: stainless steel, alloy steel, copper alloy, nickel alloy, titanium alloy, metal ore, etc.
5.Detection time: 2-60s.
6.Detection element content range: PPM -100%.
7.The original si-pin electric refrigeration detector in the United States has a resolution of 145eV and high detection efficiency.
8.Signal processing: imported original digital pulse amplifier, high counting efficiency.
9.Filter: the software automatically combines 6 kinds of filters and 2 kinds of collimators to improve the detection limit.Microzone analysis can be performed using tiny collimating holes.
10.Compact and easy to use.11.Multi-parameter linear fitting method is adopted to improve the accuracy of the analysis.Basic parameter method, theoretical alpha coefficient method, empirical coefficient method and a variety of fitting methods to complete the unknown sample analysis.
11.Powerful software function: new algorithm is adopted to satisfy the measurement effect of trace elements, and the average value of multi-point or multi-measurement can be calculated.Support multiple languages (simplified Chinese, English, etc.).
12.Equipped with bluetooth, USB communication, convenient implementation of instrument, PDA, computer interconnection and data transmission.
13. Equipped with PC software, it can process data and calibration on ordinary computer.
14.Waterproof and dustproof, can work continuously in bad environment.
15.Equipped with large capacity storage card, can store massive data.
16.  Security system: unique concealed design, software and hardware triple ray protection system to ensure safety.
17.  Perfect cooling cavity design, ensure the stability and reliability of the work, effectively extend the service life.
18.  Touch – controlled interface for analysis, easy to operate.
19.  The instrument can be equipped with a spin function test bracket, which makes the test more convenient and the results more reliable.


二.Technical parameters

Detection range: simultaneous analysis of elements from titanium (Ti) to uranium (U). 

Detection time: 2-60s. 

Excitation system: integrated micro high voltage power supply and X-ray tube, long service life, rated power 4W. 

Si-pin electric refrigeration detector, resolution 145eV, fast detection speed. 

Signal processing: imported original micro digital pulse multi-channel amplifier, high counting efficiency. 

Multiple languages to choose from. 

Operating system handheld computer: Windows, Jingpu series of special software. 

Peltier constant temperature cooling system ensures the accuracy of the instrument and prolongs its service life. 

Power supply lithium battery, each battery continuous work for more than 8 hours.Ac 220V, 50/60hz; 

Display 240×320 color display;65536 pixels;Adjustable background light;Touch screen. 

Qualitative identification and quantitative analysis of the measurement pattern, display the measurement line and highlight area. 

Data transfer USB, memory card, wireless bluetooth. 

Data storage 8G flash card. 

Security Settings password protection. 

Operating temperature -10–50℃.

Relative humidity ≤85%.

Analysis accuracy ≤0.3%.

Weight: 1.9kg (battery included)

29cm(L) x 9cm(W) x 29cm(H)

三、Instrument application

Metal material testing and alloy material identification (PMI)

Analysis of alloy grades: rapid analysis of samples in 2-5 seconds and direct display of alloy grades.There are more than 250 kinds of alloy brands inside, 1000 kinds of alloy brands can be customized by users, and thousands of kinds of alloy can be analyzed.

Metal composition test: accurate analysis of samples in 10-30 seconds. Results show percentage content.

It can analyze Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, W, Hf, Ta, Re, Pb, Bi, Zr, Nb, Mo, Ag, Sn, Sb and other elements in samples of stainless steel, alloy steel, copper alloy, zinc alloy, nickel alloy, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy (heavy alloy element).

Metal smelting, pressure vessel, power plant, petrochemical industry, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace and other industries, the use of hand-held metal type X fluorescence analyzer, MX – 1 can be sure to use the alloy in complete accord with the design requirements of the specifications of the spare parts, ensure the quality of our products and avoid mixing or use unqualified material and produce serious safety accidents.It is the preferred instrument for material confirmation, semi-finished inspection and finished product reinspection in quality system.

Metal waste recovery and reuse

Mx-1 X fluorescence handheld metal analyzer can provide fast and accurate on-site analysis and detection for the recycling and reuse industry of waste metals.To ensure a wide variety of alloy types and materials to make a rapid and reliable judgment.

Analysis example: alloy brand 316L stainless steel sample.The analysis time was 10 seconds.

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