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Cement industry application solutions

In the cement industry, the samples to be analyzed include raw material, clinker, cement, clay, limestone, iron powder, gypsum, ash residue, ash, sandstone, slag, coal and other oxides, etc. The recommended fluorescence analyzer is edx-6800a X fluorescence analyzer, which is fast, accurate and easy to use.


Instrument features:

Meanwhile, all elements in the periodic table from sodium (Na) to uranium (U) are analyzed.

It can detect solid, liquid and powder without complicated sample preparation process.

Wide dynamic range of analysis and measurement, ranging from 10-6 to 100%;

Adopting the high resolution detector with imported advanced technology, it has the characteristics of high resolution and high counting rate, so that the sample can get satisfactory results within 100 seconds.

Adopting the original import signal processing circuit, the processing speed is fast, the precision is high, the stability is reliable.

Computer software digital control and display for instrument operation;

The instrument application environment conditions are loose, which can be easily applied to various areas.

Fast analysis speed, complete full analysis of all elements in samples within 100 seconds;

High accuracy, good stability, low failure rate;

Adopt multi-layer shielding protection, radiation safety and reliability;

WINDOWS Chinese application software, unique and advanced analysis method, complete and powerful functions, simple operation, easy to use, analysis results stored in standard ACCESS database, easy to network with the batching system;

Using OPC communication, it can be connected with DCS system of raw material batching.Realize ring sealing automatic control of raw material batching and improve the qualified rate of raw material batching.


Main technical indicators:

Multifunctional sample setting device

The sample setting device of edx-6800a type X fluorescence analyzer has a sample chamber which can hold various kinds of samples.

Sample type: powder, presser and fuse.

Sample tray: large sample with diameter up to 200mm can be placed.

Sample chamber environment: optional air, vacuum.Automatic control by software, no manual operation

X-ray tube excitation system

The excitation system adopts unique inverted optical structure design.Taking the 50KV positive and high voltage X-ray generator as the excitation source, the primary X-ray generated from the X-ray tube is directly excited after passing through the filter, and satisfactory analysis results can be obtained by selecting the excitation conditions.It consists of high voltage generator, X-ray generator and digital control display system.

A. High voltage generator: automatic digital control and display of voltage and current by software.

X-ray stability: 0.3%/8 h.

Voltage range: continuously adjustable from 0V to 50kV.

Current range: 0mA to 1mA continuously adjustable.

B. X-ray generator: adopt thin Be (beryllium) window bending-type X-ray tube with low power, natural cooling and long life, and select target material according to practical application.

C. Filter system: the adoption of appropriate filters can improve the analysis sensitivity of specific elements and bring the lower limit of analysis to PPM level. This system has 5 sets of filters for selection.

The original imported high resolution detector system

The original imported high resolution and high counting rate detector with high electric refrigeration: the resolution of X-ray for 55Fe 5.9keV is 127eV when the counting rate is 1000CPS.It has high sensitivity and resolution to light elements such as Na, Mg, Al, Si and S, and high counting rate up to 200000cps.

Advanced original energy spectrum electrology system

Original imported amplifier and other signal processors: adapt to high resolution, high count rate, with international advanced water

Flat;Auto adjust magnification, 2048 addresses.

Computer analysis system

High brand commercial machine, high resolution color LCD;Advanced laser printers.

The system software

Operation: WINDOWS operating system software, powerful, easy to use.

Software: can be Chinese, or English.

Function: energy spectrum display, analysis element setting, energy scale, X-ray height

Automatic control of voltage and current, automatic vacuum control, communication with other computers, storage of standard database results.

Analysis methods: linear fitting, quadratic curve, strength correction, content correction, basic parameter method (this software is optional).

Automatic correction of instrument drift: ensure the long-term stability of instrument analysis results.

7 power 220V 50HZ ac, choose 1 KW high-precision voltage stabilizer power supply.

Instrument size and weight

External dimension: 540*630*1000 mm(W*D*H)

Weight: 50 kg


Examples of application

Cement samples in general direct tablet can be, sample fineness requirements less than 180 mesh.

Raw material samples

Measurement spectrum:


Si’s working curve:


Working curve of Ca:



Analysis elements and accuracy in raw material samples:

Analysis of the elementsCommon content range(%)The standard deviation(%)error(%)


Raw material sample comparison results
The sample nameAnalysis methodSiO2Al2O3Fe2O3CaOMgOKHnp
chemical14.32 3.20 2.01 43.27 1.79 0.930 2.75 1.59
chemical13.43 3.27 2.01 43.77 1.32 1.002 2.54 1.63
chemical14.88 3.24 2.07 42.53 1.62 0.875 2.80 1.57
chemical14.66 3.35 2.13 42.44 1.62 0.881 2.68 1.57
chemical14.26 3.50 2.25 43.02 1.73 0.913 2.48 1.56
chemical12.91 3.50 2.01 43.86 1.62 1.034 2.34 1.74
chemical13.99 3.50 2.16 43.27 1.50 0.938 2.47 1.62
chemical13.81 3.47 2.13 43.19 1.56 0.950 2.47 1.63
chemical13.43 3.54 2.13 43.36 1.67 0.978 2.37 1.66
chemical12.98 3.50 2.01 43.61 1.67 1.022 2.36 1.74


Repeatability test results of raw material samples:

Sample numberSiO2Al2O3Fe2O3CaOMgOSO3K2ONa2O
The maximum13.033.421.8644.301.500.330.460.18
The minimum value12.983.381.8444.211.480.300.440.16
The average13.003.401.8544.251.520.310.450.17
The standard deviation0.01520.01200.00570.02550.02450.01060.00740.0079


Analysis of sulfur in cement samples

Measurement results of factory cement SO3



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