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Solution for pulp analysis application

Edx-300ms special X fluorescence analyzer


Edx-300ms X fluorescence analyzer is a high precision X fluorescence analyzer with advanced technology level.Fast and exact analysis, it is mainly used for pulp can analyze the Ca, Fe, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Ni, Cu and zinc, Pb, Sn, Mo, Ag, Cd, Ba, S, P, such as the content of each element, 100 seconds to complete rapid determination of all elements, analysis of element content can range from PPM level to the pure elements and does not require complicated sample preparation process.


Instrument features
  1. The range of elements measured: from sulfur (S) to uranium (U). 

    B. Analysis range of element content: PPM — 99.99% (different analysis range for different elements). 

    C. Simultaneous analysis elements: dozens of elements can be measured at one time.

    Measurement time: 60-200 seconds.

    Sample type: pulp and other liquids, powders, rubber, solids, etc.

    F. Minimum detection limit: Fe, Pb, Ca, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Mo, Ni, Cu, Zn, Ag, Sn, Ba and other elements <3ppm;S < 10 PPM.

    Using integrated industrial control embedded computer, touch screen operation, embedded micro printer, easy to use.

    With bar code scanner, it can conduct bar code coding after sampling at different bearing positions, and automatically input the sample number into the computer after scanning.

    The instrument is equipped with fixed footing, which can be used safely on ships, vehicles and other mobile carriers.

    Advanced instrument drift correction ensures long – term stability.

    High technical accuracy, good stability, low failure rate.

    Adopt multi-layer shielding protection, radiation safety is reliable.

    Windows Chinese application software, unique advanced analysis methods, complete and powerful functions, simple operation, easy to use.


Technical characteristics and parameters of the instrument
1 Technical characteristics
  1. Sample types are pulp, liquid, oil, liquid, etc.

    High efficiency long life X-ray tube, the index reaches the advanced level.

    Electrical cooling si-pin detector, high resolution, high count rate, good energy linearity, energy resolution and spectral characteristics, peak back ratio.

D.Electronic circuit system with high signal-to-noise ratio.

Four automatic filters, software automatic switching, meet the application of various testing methods, reduce the background intensity near the analysis elements, improve the detection limit of analysis.

The multi-parameter linear regression method can obviously suppress the absorption and enhancement effect between elements and improve the accuracy of analysis.

High efficiency 3 d heat dissipation system: greatly provides the reliability and stability of the instrument.

Radiation safety system: concealed design, software and hardware triple ray protection system.

2 Technical parameters
  1. Analysis elements: content of Ca, Fe, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Ni, Cu, Zn, Pb, Mo, Ag, Sn, Cd, Ba, S, P and other elements.

    Detection limit: <3ppm;S, P < 10 PPM.

    High voltage power supply: +50kV 1000 mua

    The probe has an optimal resolution of 145eV.

    E. Working environment: temperature: 10 ~ 30℃, humidity ≤85% (no condensation).

    External dimension: 550×416×253mm.

    Power supply: AC 220V ~ 240V, 50Hz

    Rated power: 200W

    Weight: about 25KG.


Examples of sulfur concentrate spectra               Examples of original (middle) ore spectrum:           Tailings instance                                                             

WechatIMG571-300x125.jpeg             WechatIMG572-300x141.jpeg              WechatIMG573-300x131.jpeg



Examples of sulfur working curve:


According to the technological conditions of the concentrator, curve calibration is carried out for pulp samples at different technological stages.

Mainly: concentrate curve, original (middle) ore curve, tailings curve. 20 corresponding standard samples should be prepared for each working curve.

A cup measurement method using pulp after preliminary dehydration, realize the request of error is less than 50%. The whole sample preparation analysis time is less than 5 minutes, in order to solve the fineness on the result of analysis, using the same technology section of the characteristics of the sample fineness were small, calibration samples for different process section curves and sample measurement method.

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