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China’s instrument industry to follow the pace of positive transformation

During the eleventh five-year plan period, China’s instrument industry has made extraordinary achievements.Nowadays, only by keeping pace with the pace and actively transforming, can the instrument industry in China gain a favorable development position in the new round of competition.

According to the development plan of instrument industry during the 12th five-year plan period, the development strategy of instrument industry during the 12th five-year plan period is “strengthen innovation, pay close attention to the foundation, market orientation, broaden the field, system innovation, optimize the structure, continue to promote and revitalize the industry”.In the next five years, the whole industry will focus on the high-end product market, vigorously strengthen the design, manufacturing and quality inspection capabilities, greatly improve the stability and reliability of domestic products, and expand the service field of the industry from the traditional field to a number of emerging fields.We will vigorously promote the restructuring of enterprises.It can be seen that the instrument industry is facing great challenges in the new development period, only to follow the plan for structural adjustment.

Beijing, tianjin, Shanghai and other big cities are the birthplace and concentration of the instrument industry in China.With the change and adjustment of regional industrial structure and the increase of demand for instruments in various industries, the scale of production and sales in Beijing and Shanghai has declined in the first half of this year, while the output value of jiangsu, guangdong, zhejiang and lu has surpassed that of Beijing and Shanghai.Jiangsu and guangdong provinces are full of foreign capital, and the instrument and meter industry occupies a relatively large share, which has become one or two places in the instrument and meter industry.This year, zhejiang private enterprises have developed rapidly and formed a regional industrial cluster.It has large-scale production of products with a wide range of products, as well as a model of high-tech industrialization, ranking the third in China.

Instrument industry involves many products, industrial automation instrument and control system is still larger than the industry growth rate of high growth, the growth of production and marketing 34%, reflecting that China is still in the energy, heavy chemical industry high-speed development period, but the growth rate than the first half of the decline, indicating that the application of structural adjustment has played a role.As the national team attaches great importance to environmental protection work, China’s urban conventional air quality has been improved year by year, and the compliance rate has been improved year by year. Therefore, the year-on-year growth of environmental testing instruments is 40%, reflecting the demand for relevant instruments for environmental governance, energy conservation and emission reduction.

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